EAP / MAP Service


The Employee Assistance Program is a free benefit. Clients receive a certain number of free counseling sessions per problem. You may call the EAP or MAP back with each new problem or issue. The number of sessions available per problem depends upon the model of service that your company has selected. Check with your Human Resources department or call ERS if you’d like more information.


All employees of your client company and their immediate family members may use this benefit. The EAP/MAP defines “family” as in- and out-of-state parents, children and significant others of the same or opposite sex.


The EAP or MAP assists people with a variety of life problems including alcohol and drug abuse; stress, anxiety, and depression; marital, family, and relationship discord; child and adolescent behavioral problems; domestic violence; child care; elder care; financial and legal concerns; and educational and career-related problems at no cost to the employee or to the family member.


All contact with the EAP/MAP is confidential. The EAP/MAP counselor will not speak with a supervisor, co-worker or family member without written permission from the person using the assistance program. Confidentiality is compromised only when a threat to safety exists (i.e., suicidal or homicidal risk, stalking, or child abuse).


The first step is to call our toll-free “800” phone number. Calls are always answered directly by clinical professionals who provide immediate service, even after standard business hours. The “800” hotline number can be used anywhere in the United States. In-person sessions are scheduled once you call us and provide us with some basic details about you and your situation. You may see a counselor close to your home or your workplace. ERS utilizes Language Line for non-English speakers on the telephone and bi-lingual counselors are available for in-person sessions.


All EAP/MAP counselors at ERS hold a Master’s degree within the mental health field, and are licensed within the state they practice. In addition, ERS maintains a national provider & affiliate network composed of counseling professionals including psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, marriage & family therapists and counselors.


The EAP provides consultation to managers and supervisors who are concerned about an employee but are unsure of the best way to address/respond to their concerns. Our EAP counselors will explore possible interventions including reviewing the manager’s communication style, clarifying expectations with the employee, documentation, and collaboration with Human Resources. Management Consultations are an opportunity for Supervisors to review their concerns with an EAP counselor without taking the extra step of formally referring that employee to the EAP for an evaluation.


JPR’s may occur as a result of a decline in workplace behavior, productivity or even because of a positive drug screen. In this situation, the manager is provided with consultation about how to refer the employee, collaborate with Human Resources, and document the referral. When the employee contacts the EAP, an appointment is scheduled for an in-person assessment by a staff clinician. Once a Release of Information is obtained, the EAP counselor will report whether or not the employee has been in contact and cooperative with the JPR process. The ultimate goal of the JPR is to offer the employee support and resources so that he or she can improve job performance and succeed in the workplace.