Affiliate/Providers FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you pay?

ERS pays its Affiliates $65.00 per session. 

How many sessions can I get authorized?

The number of sessions available depends upon the model chosen by the client company (3, 5, 6 or 8 sessions) and also upon the ERS counselor. We initially authorize 2-3 sessions followed by a request for telephone follow-up to discuss your recommendations. Do not assume that you may utilize ALL available EAP sessions unless you’ve gotten that authorization in writing from the ERS case counselor.

What's your mailing address?

Employee Resource Systems, Inc., 29 E. Madison, Suite 1600, Chicago, IL 60602

Who can I call with any questions?

You may contact the Provider Relations Administrator Tiffanie Harper at (312) 780-6331 or email her at

What kind of paperwork needs to be completed?

In order to join our panel, you must complete the Affiliate Application; sign the Affiliate Agreement, the Business Associate Agreement and the W9 form. Send these documents in along with copies of your license, résumé and professional liability insurance.

If you’ve accepted an EAP referral, then you must complete the Clinical Summary Form after each session as well as offer the Privacy Notice and Statement of Understanding to the client.  Complete the Billing Statement when you’re done seeing the client.

How does the referral process work?

An ERS counselor will call you to discuss the type of case and verify your availability. If you can accept a new client, you’ll be given written authorization for two or three sessions. Your name and phone number will then be given to the client so that he/she may personally schedule the appointment. 

When can I get paid?

Bills received are submitted for payment after you have submitted ALL documentation on the client’s case (i.e. Clinical Summary Form & Billing Statement) You must submit the forms within 60 days of the last session. Once we’ve received and approved all of the case documents, Affiliates are typically paid within 30-45 days.