Work/Life Services

This is an additional benefit that complements EAP/MAP services. If your company has purchased work/life services for its employees and family members, you have additional resources available to you via the web or telephone!

The Work/Life Program provides information, articles, resources, links, and interactive “calculators” around child care, elder care, daily living obligations as well as legal & financial challenges—the typical issues that impact everyone’s daily lives. Individuals access services via telephone and/or on-line with a company-specific ID and password. Just input Username and Password in the lower left-hand side of this screen!

Available Options:

  • Financial Assistance – Consumer-focused financial counseling service supporting employees’ management of day-to-day financial issues, debt management, financial and retirement planning.
  • Legal Assistance – Legal consultation and referral service. Service delivery can include immediate telephone consultation with a lawyer in the employee’s home state or referral to a nationwide network of attorneys.
  • Savings Center – Web-based employee goods and services discount program.
  • Geriatric Care Assistance – Geriatric Care Specialists conduct assessments, family meetings, case management and facility review.
  • Consultation & Compliance Line
  • Nanny Find
  • Nurseline
  • Personal Assistance concierge services
  • Back-up and emergency care support
  • Comprehensive wellness & health management

  Work/Life Services Login

  Access for enrolled companies only.


Problems accessing Work/Life Services? Call (800) 292-2780 and someone will assist you!